Global water consumption doubles every 20 years – more than twice the rate of population growth. This is one of the world’s most pressing issues, especially critical in arid regions. The water demand in the UAE is expected to grow by 30 per cent by 2030. The problem of the water scarcity may find an answer in the desalination plant recently inaugurated at Ghantoot, in Abu Dhabi: it is the country’s first desalination plant that works on renewable energy. The project began in 2013.”The whole purpose of the plant is commercialization, to prove the investors that renewable energy-powered desalination plants are bankable” said Dr Ahmad Belhoul, CEO of Abu Dhabi’s renewable energy company Masdar.

PARCOL is a company leader for control valves, steam desuperheating systems and safety valves. For Desalination Plants worldwide the company provides solutions for: brine Dp, brine recirculation, steam to brine heater, sea water make-up. For more information visit the website



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