PARCOL Ball control valves for the Termomeccanica Pompe’s plant in Chelyabinsk (Russia)


PARCOL has delivered 3 ball control valves, model 4-4219 DN 32” and 1 ball control valve, model 4-4213 DN 40” for tha order from Termomeccanica Pompe for the plant in Chelyabinsk (Russia).

The valves will be installed on pump benches and dissipate the flow energy created by the pumps. Thanks to micro-drilled stage, the valve features high anti-cavitation performances over the whole travel. The very small flow passages minimize the eventual bubble implosion energy and help in reducing the hydrodynamic noise.

The model 4-4219 features optimal anti-cavitation performances at the first travels and a very high rangeability of about 400. It handles high pressure drops (about 60 bar) with smaller capacities thanks to the multistage + multi-path technology (Limiphon trim). Al fully open position the valve ensures good capacity and intermediate performances thanks to the single stage insert.

The trim has been customized on the application, minimizing valve size and costs.

Visit the technical bulletin .


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