PARCOL awarded Song Hau 1 project in Vietnam: Supercritical Technology


The plant will feature supercritical technology undertaken for the first time in Vietnam. It will comprise of two 600MW supercritical steam turbine generators and boilers.

The balance of plant systems such as coal and ash handling, limestone and gypsum handling, waste and water treatment and auxiliary power equipments will feature modern and efficient technology which will be in conformance with Vietnamese and international emission standards. The fuel will be imported from Indonesia and Australia.

Vietnam Oil & Gas Group (PetroVietnam or PVN) is constructing a 1,200MW coal-fired power plant known as Song Hau 1. The plant is located in the Song Hau Power Complex situated in Phu Huu A industrial cluster of the Chau Thanh district in Hau Giang Province. The first unit of Song Hau 1 is expected to begin commercial production in 39 months and the second unit in 45 months from the day of commencement of the main contract which was awarded in July 2011.

The plant is of economic significance to the Mekong River Delta in particular and Vietnam in general and PARCOL Turbine By Pass systems will allow to optimize the performance of the plant. PARCOL is very proud for this important supercritical technology project awarded from one of the most important Korean EPC.


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