Indonesia’s state-owned power company PT PLN expanded it 462 MW Grati CCGT power plant in Pasuruan (East Java, Indonesia) with the construction of a 450 MW CCGT power plant, in the framework of the Indonesia’s 35,000 MW project.
PT PLN has signed an engineering, procurement, construction (EPC) contract with a consortium of Samsung C&T, Lotte and PT Hutama Karya. PARCOL was selected as main supplier for the TURBINE BY PASS systems.
The power plant is expected to be commissioned 26 months after the contract is effective (2017). It will serve as a peak unit for the Java-Bali power system.
Indonesia is facing a soaring electricity consumption (8-9%/year on average) due to a steady economic growth (5-6%/year). Since the establishment of PT PLN in 1945, installed capacity has exceeded 50 GW (nearly 54 GW in 2014). The government plans to add 35 GW, of which 10 GW (35 projects) will be installed by PT PLN and the remaining 25 GW (74 projects) by private companies.
PARCOL International General Manager Flavio Ricotti said, “Through this important contract, PARCOL group has secured actual results evenly in the chemical, industrial, and power plant sectors in Indonesia, being recognized for its competitiveness in terms of overseas plant projects. Taking it as a foothold, we will make every effort to stay into the neighboring countries in Southeast Asia as well as Malaysia and Vietnam, which the company already has entered.”


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