A new company is born, powered by PARCOL and SVC


A new company is born, with new values, with a new positioning, with a personal communication style. PSV introduces itself today, with the launch of its internet site www.psvvalve.com. PSV is a company of PARCOL and SVC. PSV was founded with the target to create a flexible and high quality safety valve company based on two solid and historical Pressure Safety Valves Companies. PSV combines the international spirit and the strength of the brand PARCOL with the efficiency and quality of SVC products. PSV is proudly the technology licensor for the line of PARCOL and SVC safety valves. All PSV valves are manufactured in accordance with ASME approved Quality Assurance Program and certified/registered ISO 9001 Quality Assurance Program. All valves of these series have been flow tested in the accordance with the applicable ASME Code Section I and VIII for establishment of rated capacities by the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors.

Photo: Ambrogio Perego – President PSV, Flavio Ricotti – Director PSV, Han Yong Kim CEO SVC, Giancarlo Vandone Managing Director PARCOL, TH Park – Co President PSV, Joon Sang Yoo – President PARCOL Korea.



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