Desalination provides only 1% of the world’s drinking water, but this percentage is growing year-on-year, and there will be an US$10 billion investment in the next five years that will add 5,7 million cubic meters per day of production capacity, that is expected to double by 2030. It is possible desalinize both brackish water and seawater, but in the past for the desalinization there were significant costs. During the past two decades developments in SWRO (semi-permeable seawater reverse osmosis) desalination technology, combined with a transition to large capacity plants, cuts down costs of desalinated water. The world’s oceans contain over 97.2 % of the planet’s water resources, and in the near future it will be possible desalinize seawater more easily. 

For Desalination Plants worldwide PARCOL provides solutions for Thermal and Reverse Osmosis processes: brine Dp, brine recirculation, steam to brine heater, sea water make-up. Typically large size butterfly valves are used, up to 80” ND and over, in Duplex Stainless steel and low noise and anticavitation design. Visit the website



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