Santa Barbara built a plant for emergency supplies after 1980s water crisis, but it only operated for a few months in 1992 for a abundant rainfall.
Only in July 2015, the City Council voted to reactivate the plant, in this way the supplies from the reactivated desalination plant will bolster those from Cachuma Reservoir, that is at 51% od capacity with nearly 99,000 acre of feet of water, and Gibralter Reservoir, which is at 99% of capacity with 5,216 acre feet. Santa Barbara also imports state water and has recycling capability.

For desalination plants PARCOL provides solutions for Thermal (MSF and MED technologies) and Reverse Osmosis desalination plants. Typical services: Brine Dp, Brine recirculation, Steam to brine heater, Sea water make-up. Visit the website!


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