A brand new green energy task in Argentina, improving the reliability and availability of natural gas plant of Caimancito.

In northwest Argentina there’s a 92 mW natura gas power plant that is going to be renewed. Located in the Jujuy province, the Caimancito power plant features five engines which run on natural gas. The power plant produces enough energy to meet the annual consumption of around 120.000 Argentinian households. The power generated from the plant is going to be sold to Argentine power market under a power purchase agreement. So, as we can see, we’re talking about of one of the most important natural gas plant builded up in South America. Indeed in order to properly accomplish the renewal it’s needed expertise in gas powered energy; strong knowledge on new technology in the market; predictive maintenance tools; and last but not le least a very good planning capability. In conclusion, combining reliable technology, data intelligence and maintenance knowhow, this natural gas plant improvement will be a success.

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