A further step in the name of the progress, a water desalination plant is going to be set up in Gwadar city.

A wind of changes is coming from Southern Asia, Gwadar city, Pakistan in specific, and that is called desalination project. This is an important call to reduce the Country’s gap between water supply and demand; a water desalination plant will be constructed in order to provide five million gallons of water per day. Finally a very good news for the inhabitants of Gwadar city. Indeed this means the city with its project could defeat some important environmental issues: the quality and shortage of the Pakistan water; one of the most important problems that afflicts Pakistan.

Furthermore the water efficiency of this Country is very low. The drinkable water access is very difficult in Pakistan, because of 95% of water is used for agricultural aims; 2% of water is used for industrial processes and just the 3% is used for in urban use. It’s been forecasted that the cost of this important and fundamental project will reach around about Rs 1 billion. An approval to this important desalination project will be accorded during the next meeting of Joint Coordination Committee; this is what Ahsan Iqbal, Federal Interior Minister, has said.

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