Selling biogas energy for vehicle fuel will be possible in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Lincoln is upgrading its technology to allow the biogas energy produced by wastewater treatment to be processed into vehicle fuel. It’s a huge project and it could reach $800.000 to $4 million dollars per year in added revenue. Since 1991, Lincoln has used the biogas produced at the wastewater facility to generate electricity for the treatment plant. Sadly the generators are old and exhausted. Therefore upgrading the technology to turn biogas into vehicle fuel instead of electricity means return up to 13 times more in savings. That is a concrete instance of efficiently and affordably project to deliver an higher quality service to the customers. So this is a smart project to give a cleaner and greener way of life for future generations. Total construction cost is estimated at $8 million, with a project payback period of as little as two years.

In addition to providing transportation fuel nationwide through pipelines, the project will allow for the construction of a compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling station for buses. Construction could start as early as May 2018. A biogas marketing contract is expected to be in place by spring 2018. So let’s follow the Lincoln’s lead!

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