Nuclear power is a huge source of energy with a low greenhouse gases emissions. The countries that are using this type of energy source have increased their electricity generation. Currently nuclear energy has spread out in 31 countries whole wide world.

Here is the list of top nuclear power producing countries.

United States: with a capacity of 805 billion kWh in 2016, is the world’s largest producer of nuclear energy. It accounts for over 30% of worldwide nuclear energy generation. As of October 2017, the country had 99 nuclear reactors in 30 states. It produced nearly 20% of the country’s total electrical output.

France: the first European and the second largest producer of nuclear energy in the world. With a capacity of 384 billion kWh in 2016. Operating 58 nuclear reactors, the country generated more than 72% of its electricity from nuclear power plants.

China: as of October 2017 China is the third largest producer of nuclear energy with 37 nuclear reactors. China has generated 210.5 billion kWh in 2016, accounting for 3.6% of the country’s total electricity generation.

Russia: the fourth spot in the list of top nuclear energy producers with a capacity of 179.7 billion kWh in 2016. Russia has 36 working nuclear reactors and the government has also announced plans to construct 11 new nuclear reactors by 2030. The country wants to reach 23% of its electricity generation powered by nuclear energy by 2020.

South Korea: the fifth largest producer with a capacity of 154.3 kWh in 2016. Operating 25 nuclear reactors, the country generates more than 30% of the electricity from nuclear power plants. In April 2015 the country has signed a nuclear cooperation agreement with US government to ensure a stable supply of fuel for its nuclear.

Canada: the country’s nuclear energy capability stood at 97.4 kWh in 2016. Canada generates 15.6% of the electricity from nuclear energy. The country operates 19 nuclear reactors. 

Ukraine: nuclear power generation of 81 billion kWh in 2016. The country with its 15 nuclear reactors produces more than half of its electricity from nuclear energy plants.

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